Why Us?

Advantage & Product Warranty

 Quality Comes First

Ultimate quality is our highest priority.  We always fulfill and exceed our customers’ expectations utilizing the finest materials and top craftsmanship in the manufacturing of our jewelry.  Once you purchase from us we guarantee that you will become a lifetime customer. 

 Impeccable Quality at Competitive Prices

We offer the very best at competitive prices.  Every piece of jewelry we design goes through a design review and it must get at least a 95% approval from our entire design team for style, manufacturability and price competitiveness, only then do we proceed with the production of that style.  This ensures that our customers will always get the very best product designs at a very competitive price. 

 Fast, Efficient and Secure Shipping

All your orders are fully secured and fully insured.  We offer free FedEx® shipment so your purchase is in your hands before you know it.  Your order is fully insured from the time it leaves our premises, until delivered to your requested designation. 

 30-Day Return Period

To make sure your shopping experience is truly satisfying, you have a possibility to return or exchange your jewelry item within a 30-day period from the purchase date, provided that it was not worn and it is in its original condition, the only thing you’ll pay is the shipping and insurance to return your merchandise. 

 Expert Advice and Availability 24/7

Should you need any information, assistance or advice, our jewelry experts are at your disposal 24/7.

 Flexible Payment

You are offered a variety of payment methods.  A bank wire, credit cards, personal checks or Alexander Sparks credit card – you are free to choose the one that suits you the most. 

 Conflict-Free Diamonds

Alexander Sparks strictly abides by the policies of the Kimberley Process and the Patriot Act. All our diamonds are certified to be conflict-free, ethically and environmentally sourced from legitimate, trustworthy and legal sources. We strongly condemn any forms of human rights abuse.

 Diamond Upgrade Program

Our Diamond Upgrade Program allows you to replace your GIA or AGS loose diamond with a bigger and more expensive one on condition that it is in its original undamaged and unaltered condition, accompanied by the original diamond certificate. 

 Two-Year Buy Back Policy

If you need to sell your diamond, within two years from your purchase date, we will buy back your loose diamond for up to 70% of the original purchase price.  The diamond must be in original condition, without any chips, scratches or any bruising, and must be accompanied by the original laboratory grading document. 

Please note that our buy back program only applies to Alexander Sparks sold loose GIA and AGS graded diamonds, and does not apply to engagement rings or other fine jewelry.

 Comprehensive Education Section

Alexander Sparks thorough and detailed guides on diamonds and gemstones from our education section can help you choose the right diamond and jewelry for you and broaden your knowledge on such an exciting topic as jewelry.