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  • Diamond Education Diamond Education Diamonds are a miracle of time, place and chance. Like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike. In order to find the one that is right for you, you need to acquire certain knowledge and be able to discern and know the difference between an ordinary diamond and an extraordinary one. At the Alexander education center you will acquire that knowledge and will be able to pick the best value for your money.
  • Gemstone Education Gemstone Education Understanding gemstones is made simple at our Gemstone Education Center. Learn the difference in quality and understand gemstone treatments.
  • Fancy Color Diamond Education Fancy Color Diamond Education Even more rare than colorless diamonds (one out of 10,000), fancy color diamonds come in every color of the spectrum, yellow diamonds being the most common and red the rarest ones. We explain It all at our Fancy Color Diamond Education Center.
Metal Education Metal Education What to choose? Should you buy 14K, 18K, platinum or should you even consider non precious metals? We make it clear and easy to understand and eliminate all confusion about metals.
Setting Education Setting Education Familiarize yourself with different jewelry setting types
Engagement Ring Guidance Engagement Ring Guidance Finding that special someone to spend your life with is just a half job done, the other equally important half is finding the perfect diamond engagement ring for your significant other. Review our guide for the best ideas and suggestions.
Wedding Ring Guidance Wedding Ring Guidance Our wedding ring guide will simplify your search by explaining the different styles and options available to you.
Bracelet Guidance Bracelet Guidance Learn about bracelets whether she desires a diamond one, a gemstone one or a combination of both.
Pendant Guidance Pendant Guidance Learn how to choose the best and most affordable pendants.
Earring Guidance Earring Guidance This guide outlines all you need to know when selecting either diamond or gemstone earrings.
Your Ring Size Your Ring Size If you plan to surprise her, we'll help you get her size right the first time.